As legend has it...

During the days when pirates ruled the open seas and were challenged only by the fast moving fleets of faraway Kingdoms, Spain's Ferdinand Cortes was equally as interested in chasing pirate's gold as he was in planting the Spanish flag on new found territories.  While sailing into the presumed safety of our beautiful Sea of Cortez, in which to rest and revel in their bounty, a confident bunch of brash pirates had just tossed anchor and settled to the calm shores of the East Cape when "ahoy, mates!" the young lad in the crow's nest earned his keep by shouting down to alert the scallywags below "A frigate under the Spanish flag just appeared on the horizon and she's bearing down with a vengeance!" Heavy laden from a bountiful year of plundering, the pirates knew there would be no escape route under the weight of their gold, silver, diamond and jewels. What to do? Quickly offload their treasures, store them in barrels and hide them amidst Mother Nature's paradise and return another day when the coast was clear of Cortes.

And ever since, albeit with the lapse of a few hundred years, hopeful locals and visitors alike warm to the idea of finding one of those treasure filled lost barrels, or 'barriles', under a swaying palm or peaking from beneath a beautiful agave cactus.

Now you know the story of why the first thing that greets you when turning off Mexico's Highway 1 is a lovely fountain, full of barrels with water shooting up and out, running over and creating a delightful entrance to this renowned fishing village turned winter getaway. Take a close look…you may find gold in those barrels! In any case, you'll find a delightful treasure in the seaside community of Los Barriles

Modern Day Los Barriles...
"The defining image of day-to-day life in Los Barriles these days is that of early retirees happily speeding along dirt roads on ATV's, which they ride to the supermarket, the hardware store, the beach, and everywhere in between. No longer the sole domain of sportsfishermen and windsurfers, the town has broadened its appeal with more guest accommodations, restaurants, and services- and a vibe that is friendly and relaxed."
- Quote from Moon Handbook about active retirees tooling around on their 4wheelers.

 For land yachts cruising the Baja, Los Barriles offers the perfect geographical location to make your 'home' while you set off to explore the entire Southern portion of our unique Baja, with most exciting adventures found just 1-1/2 hours from town.  And after a wonderful day of enjoying, there really is 'no place like home', East Cape RV Resort style!