Rediscover adrenaline (and perhaps your love life if you ride double!) on this fun-get-dirty-go-as-fast-as-you-feel-four-wheel-ATV-trip into Baja's backcountry. Get off the highways, out of your RV's, and into the mountains on quad-track trails for unsurpassed riding and views. Charge up sandy arroyos (riverbeds) with tall walls, wonderful twined trees, past huge boulders deposited during previous hurricanes and find your way to rock covered waterfalls.

- Single or Double Riders, with guides

- Bring your picnic lunch or snack for the waterfalls

- Safe, fun and a wonderful way to get 'into' Baja

- Want a 4-wheeler for the whole day, or even a week? That's available too

Tour Operator: Amigos ATV Tours, Trips and Rentals

Time : Approximately 3 - 4 hours

Depart: 10 am, return +/- 2 pm (or whatever suits your group)

Minimum: 2 or more; $50 single rider, $60 double rider

Date: Anytime, morning, noon or afternoon