Blend 'modern' Mexico with its ancient past.

- Nineteen miles north on the new, twisty, mostly paved mountain road (1 hour +/-) or the bumpy, beautiful coast road, (1-1/2 +/-), 4-wheel drive vehicles are best and necessary for the last mile only, shuttles can be run

- The hike is a moderate climb and takes about 30 minutes, gaining approximately 1000 feet in elevation to view the pictographs, endless mountain views, arroyos and incredible views of the Sea of Cortez and the Bay of Dreams.

- Take a walking stick for assistance if you'd like; bring your camera!

- Picnic at the trailhead in the arroyo

- Stop at Punta Pescadero, the boutique hotel and bar on the cliffs for a cold drink or cocktail

- Self guided map provided by East Cape RV Resort. Recommend to hire a local guide in the small pueblo of El Cardonal near the arroyo to the trailhead

Time: Most of the day